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Glass polishing machine TD 1000

 Glass polishing machine TD 1000

Glass Polishing Machine TD 1000          

The perfect appearance on every table

Put the washed and humid glasses with slightly rotary up- and downward moves over the polishing brushes.
The fine brushes dry and polish 1  glass. Water stains, reams, limescales, mineral rests etc. are removed. The polished glasses shine in mirror finish.

An installed heating prevents that the polishing brushes become too wet and leave reams on the glasses.

When your glasses are already dry before you start to polish them, we recommend to use the optional steam station.


The simple function of the Glass Polishing Machines TD 1000

Place the washed, slightly wet glasses over the polishing brushes while using a slight rotary up- and downward movement. The fine brushes dry and polish 1 - 2 glasses at the same time. An installed heating element prevents the polishing brushes from getting too wet and causing streaks on the glasses. The polishing brushes have a long life span and can be washed by hand or in the washing machine with the laundry bag, which has been delivered with the machine.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • enormous time and labour savings
  • easy handling
  • polishing 2 glasses at the same time
  • reduction of glass breakages
  • can be used for all sorts of glass
  • washable polishing brushes in different sizes
  • With the included laundry bag is also possible cleaning in the washing machine

Example of polished glasses