Glass polishing machinesEye-catching additions to any table


A perfectly set table needs perfectly polished glasses: our glass polishing machines are compatible with all types of glasses. Easy to use and with tremendous cost and time savings, these glass polishing machines are valuable helpers in the catering sector, extending the service life of glasses by reducing the risk of breakage. Fine, washable brushes dry and polish the glasses to a sheen, removing water stains, smears, lime residue and mineral traces.


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Glass polishing machine TD 500 PLATZSPAREND
  • enorme Zeit- und Kostenersparnis
  • einfache Bedienung
  • Reduzierung der Bruchgefahr
Glass polishing machine TD 1000 TWO GLASSES AT A TIME
  • Tremendous time and cost savings
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces risk of breakage



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