Serving conveyor

Conveyor for plating meals


Serving conveyors ensure that food is plated up while keeping stress to a minimum, as the plates are fed through on a line. This is especially useful in the catering trade. The speed of this conveyor, which is suitable for food, can be continuously adjusted using a push button. Two 230 V power outlets are available for the chefs on both sides of the conveyor belt. This means that the chefs can easily use kitchen aids, such as hand-held blenders, while working on the belt.

If food or sauces splash onto the belt, they are automatically scraped off at the end of the belt and caught in a tray. This prevents unnecessary interruptions and ensures that the process runs without a hitch.

With the aid of the serving conveyor from MAX DÖRR you can make your catering processes even more efficient and ensure that your flow is optimal. Your guests will thank you, as the waiting times between courses will be hugely reduced.

Your benefits at a glance
  • Stressfreies Bestücken der Speisen auf vorbeifahrenden Tellern
  • Geschwindigkeit stufenlos über einen Drucktaster regelbar.
  • Speisereste werden am Bandende automatisch abgeschabt und in einer Schublade aufgefangen.
  • Auf jeder Seite des Anrichtebandes befinden sich 230 V Steckdosen um z.B. Pürierstäbe einsetzen zu können.
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