The cutlery wrapping machine with automatic distributor (Fillomat) helps you save time and optimize personnel costs. Managing large-scale catering facilities just got that little bit easier, thanks to the easy, hygienic use, the increase in frequency and the associated convenience.

Its compact design and attached wheels allow you to integrate this space-saving cutlery wrapping machine flexibly into your individual kitchen planning, while the robust, stainless steel enclosure guarantees this machine will last for years.



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Technical Data


Our cutlery wrapping machine hygienically wraps up to 800 sets of cutlery per hour into an optical appealing napkin paper wrap. The desired combination of clean, washed cutler y (max. 4 – 5 pieces) are placed into the feed chute of the cutlery wrapping machine. From here, the full automatic wrapping process of the cutlery set into a napkin begins. The wrap is sealed by means of per foration which allows an easy opening of the wrap without damaging the napkin.

The integrated “Fillomat” distributes the wrapped cutlery sets directly into a cutler y bin. The amount of cutlery sets per box can be individually programmed as desired (between 44 – 66 wraps/box). Once the adjusted amount of cutlery sets have been achieved, the machine will stop while the display panel notifies the operator to replace the cutlery bin. The bin can be easily exchanged.

The desired cutlery set (max. 4 – 5 pieces) is placed into the feed chute.
The TD 800 automatically wraps the cutlery set into a high quality napkin.
Af terwards, the finished wrap is sor ted into a cutlery bin.



In future, hygiene will play a huge role for your guests; wrapping cutlery in napkins prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses.

THOMAS DÖRR offers quality napkin paper tailored specifically to the needs of large-scale catering facilities. Wrap cutlery hygienically in a fully sealed napkin (with new designs for the catering sector). Choose between napkin paper with 3 or 4 layers. Our solution is much more cost-effective than cutlery pouches (sachettos) or wrapping the cutlery by hand.

The durable and extremely absorbent DÖRR napkin paper has been tailored specifically for use with our cutlery wrapping machines. And of course we can also print napkin paper with your individual designs.


Cutlery sets are automatically wrapped into a napkin

Compact and hygienic packaging

Automatic sorting of wrapped cutlery sets into cutlery bins

Flexible, time independent preparation

Environmental and ecologic
Without additional plastic waste

Easy handling thanks to the clearly arranged operating panel

Optimized personnel deployment due to time savings

Placement on a tray with just one hand grasp
Avoids shifting of singular cutlery pieces during transport

Suitable, sturdy and extremely absorbent quality napkin paper
Individually printable upon request

Technical data

Cutlery wrapping machine TD 800

Dimensions (W x H x D)190 x 127 x 80 cm
Weight335 kg
Connected load150 W
Power supply100 / 240 V - 50 / 60 Hz
Extrasintegrated counter; integrated Fillomat distributor
Housingstainless steel enclosure
Maximum cutlery length22 cm
Accessoriesfor the Cutlery wrapping machine TD 800

To ensure safe and easy handling, we offer suitable accessories for our cutlery wrapping machines. Our cutlery containers are available in three different colors (blue, red, gray) to help you allocate and/or distribute wrapped cutlery sets to the right meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). We also offer a trolley on which you can stack the containers, making it easier to transport them to the ward, serving counter or food distribution conveyor. We are happy to discuss your individual options.

Art. No.     Description
0003415Cutlery container blue
0003415Cutlery container red
0003415Cutlery container gray
1004591Trolley for cutlery containers
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FAQ Cutlery Wrapping MachinesCutlery wrapping machine TD 800
How does the TD 800 cutlery wrapping machine work?

Our TD 800 cutlery wrapping machine wraps sets of cutlery in napkin paper, in a manner that is both hygienic and appealing to the eye. The desired combination of cleaned cutlery (max. 4-5 pieces) is inserted into the filling chute, after which the machine takes over, wrapping the cutlery sets in high quality napkin paper in a fully-automated process. Once wrapped, the cutlery is automatically sorted into the cutlery container.

How many people are needed to operate the machine and how many sets of cutlery can it wrap per hour?

It only takes one person to operate the machine, which can wrap up to 800 cutlery sets per hour. Allowing for interruptions to change the containers, the paper rolls and for short breaks, the machine wraps around 650 cutlery sets per hour in practice,
compared to approx. 200-250 cutlery sets per hour when wrapped by hand.

How many wrappings does one roll of napkin paper yield?

We guarantee at least 6,000 wrappings per roll of napkin paper; however, generally each roll yields up to 6,500 wrappings.

What is the maximum size for cutlery and how many individual pieces of cutlery can the machine wrap at once?

Pieces of cutlery should be no longer than 220 mm, as otherwise they may cause disruption in the machine. However, upon request we can convert the machine to accommodate a maximum length of 223 mm.
Each napkin packaging can hold a maximum of five pieces of cutlery. Other items such as packets of salt and pepper and similar can also be added.

Do I need to sort the cutlery before using the machine?

Up to a wrapping capacity of 4,500 cutlery sets per day we advise against sorting the cutlery in advance. The machine takes about five seconds for each wrapping, giving operators enough time to take the next pieces of cutlery out of an unsorted cutlery container. Simply position the cutlery container on top of the machine, next to the filling chute.

If you need to wrap more than 4,500 cutlery sets per day, we recommend employing two cutlery wrapping machines. In this case, it may make sense to sort the cutlery before use, as then one person can operate both machines.

What happens to the cutlery once it has been wrapped?

The wrapped cutlery falls into a container that is situated on an integrated Fillomat distributor. The Fillomat distributor moves incrementally from side to side, ensuring the container is filled evenly with wrapped cutlery sets. Once the container is full, the machine signals that it needs changing.

Is the size and quality comparable to the napkin paper you previously offered?

The size of the napkins is comparable to that of most napkins provided in the health care sector. However, the napkins used in our cutlery wrapping machine have three layers and are thus thicker and more absorbent, and ultimately of a higher quality, than conventional napkins.

Will the cutlery pouches stay sealed during handling?

The wraps are perforated on both sides to seal them. The sealing thickness is adjustable. The wrappings are extremely stable during conventional handling.

How is the cutlery taken out of the napkin packaging?

Diners can easily open the packaging without destroying it, as the seal has only been embossed. If cutlery is still in its packaging when it is returned for cleaning, it can easily be removed by giving the packaging a sudden shake, one of the greatest benefits of this type of packaging, along with the fact that it avoids plastic waste.

Will the wrapped cutlery sets fit on our trays?

The cutlery pouches are compatible with all conventional trays. However, they are longer than wrappings made by hand.

How much time does cleaning and servicing consume?
  • Daily: Wipe the filling chute incl. sensor and reflectors with a damp cloth. Duration: approx. 1 min.
  • Weekly: Wipe chute flap, control panel and conveyor belt with a damp cloth; then rub with a dry cloth. Clean the gear cogs and racks in the engagement assembly with a brush. Duration: approx. 10-15 min.
  • biweekly: Guide slide bearings: Vacuum the Fillomat’s guide rail underneath the slide carriage, the gear racks in the engagement assembly (left and right) and the miniature guide slide bearings beneath the shaft base plate and all dusty parts (base plate, etc.). Duration: approx. 15 min.
What happens when the napkin roll has been used up?

If there is no more paper left on the roll, the display will indicate this. A new roll will then have to be inserted.

Can I save personnel costs by operating a cutlery wrapping machine?

The machine reduces the steps required to prepare trays at the food distribution conveyor from five to one, which can be performed by one person at the conveyor belt, thus freeing the other worker up for other jobs.
Compared to wrapping cutlery by hand, employees are approx. three times as fast and no longer have to sort cutlery manually to boot. We are happy to provide you with an amortization plan.

How long is the machine’s service life? How long is the guarantee?

Provided it is cared for and serviced properly, the machine has a service life of approx. 10-15 years, depending on use. From time to time, the blade that separates the napkin from the roll will need sharpening; a spare blade is included in delivery.

We offer a 12-month guarantee without a servicing contract and a 24-month guarantee with a servicing contract; wear parts are excluded.

Where has the TD 800 cutlery wrapping machine been used to date?

In hospitals, clinics as well as in supply centers across the world. We are happy to provide references upon request.



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