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Easy Butter - Butter Dispenser


EasyButter - Der Butterportionierer


Our butter dispenser has been specially designed for the Needs of the Hotel industries, Restaurant businesses and caterer. At the breakfast buffet, the guest recieves the butter portioned and immediately easy to spread directly onto his/her plate with the push of a button. Other guests do not come in contact with the butter, assuring hygienic as the top priority. The cooling solution guarantees fresh and delicious butter**. This is located behind a window.  

Further Information:

  • Filling amount: 8 bars of MEGGLE Kleeblatt Butter 250 g, equivalent to 200 portions of butter at 10 g each
  • Removable Magazine - unused butter can be left inside the Magazine and stored in a refigerated area inside the Fresh Box
  • If necessary, the replacement of an additional magazine is possible at any time
  • Time independent preparation of the butter Magazine possible 
  • Easy to use - due to a separate butter Magazine and separated ice container 
  • Dishwasher approved individual parts 


Your advantages at a glance 

  • Noble design 
  • Fits perfectly into a buffet
  • Delicious, fresh and easy to spread butter
  • Easy to use for your guests
  • The butter is hygienically located behind a window
  • Adjustable portions: 10 g, 15 g or 20 g


Individual colours available upon request

** When making sure the ice Container is completely filled with ice cubes and water, the usage of cooled butter at 5 °C inside the cooled Magazine, for the length of the breakfast buffet, approx. 5 hours at a room temperature of 20 °C.


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