Thomas Dörr

Frequently asked questions



Which cutlery are suitable for the Cutlery Polishing Machines?

For cutlery made of chrome, stainless steel or higher-quality silver.


Does the cutlery have to be threated before inserting?

Please insert wet and washed cutlery only


How often do I have to change the granule in the machine?

Depending on your use, we recommend ever 4-8 weeks


How hygienic are the Cutlery Polishing Machines?

A special UVC-lamp sterilizing the cutlery and the granulate, so that it complies with the strict EU hygiene regulations


Which benefits does the Cutlery Polishing Machine have?

The regular use of a Cutlery Polishing Machine reduces the oxidation of the cutlery and ensures a much better shining look


What advantages does Thomas Dörr offer compared to other companies?

We as manufacturer grant a 10-year spare parts warranty including service.
Our high-quality products are made in our production halls in Germany.


How loud are the machines?

Due to the use of a special suspension, the machine operates quietly


Is there a possibility to try the machine before buying?

On request you can receive a free trial


Granules sticks on the cutlery, what to do?

1.       Either the cutlery is still dirty

1.1.    Then clean the cutlery again and then throw it into the machine


2.       The dishwasher doesn’t work properly, too much rinse aid is used

2.1.    Clean the cutlery by hand. Then swivel under clean water and then throw it into the polishing machine

Granules falls out of the machine, what to do?

This could have the following reasons:

1.       The granule was too wet

1.1.    If the granule is wet, the volume of each corn increases, it pushes up through the holes of the sieve. Because of that it falls out of the machine. The granule can get too wet, if the recommended heating time is not maintained

1.2.    The cutlery was thrown in too wet. Drain the cutlery so that not too much water comes into the machine

1.3.    The machine was already turned off, even though the granule was still wet. Let the machine run for 30 minutes after using, so the granule can dry


2.       There is too much granule in the machine

2.1.    Remove granule


3.       Spoons transport granule out of the machine

3.1.    The axial fan is defective, let it replace by qualified employee. Due to the shape of the spoons, however, this can’t be ruled out completely


Granule don’t get warm, is this normal?

If the granule doesn’t heat up, the heating is probably defective -> Let it repair by a qualified electrician


What to do if the UVC-lamp won’t turn on?

Then the UVC-lamp is defective -> Change the lamp as described in the operating instruction


Can it happen that dust settles on the cutlery?

1.       Either through new granule

1.1.    Fresh granule may cause dust deposits at the beginning. If the granule heats as prescribed, empty 4-5 shot glasses of water into the machine


2.       By rinse aid / dishwashing liquid in the dishwasher

2.1.    The cutlery is greasy and therefore granule remains dust. To check this, clean the cutlery by hand, finally under clear, running water. Throw the cutlery again in the polishing machine. If the problem no longer occurs, it was the type or amount of rinse aid used.

The cutlery doesn’t come out of the machine, what can I do against it and where did it go?

1.       There is not enough granule in the machine

1.1.    If there is too less granule in the machine, the cutlery can’t be transported. Do a granule change. Use only our original Dörr polishing granule


2.       The cutlery has jammed

2.1.    Turn off the machine, open the lid and, if necessary remove the cutlery. If it happens more frequently, the cause may be swollen granule


My Cutlery Polishing Machine achieves a much worse polishing quality than before, what to do?

This can be due to the following reasons:

1.       The cutlery was in too dry


2.       A defective heating element

2.1.    Turn off the machine and check the temperature of the granule by hand. The granule must be noticeably warm. If this is not the case, the heating is defective. Call the customer service


3.       The granule is too old

3.1.    The granule should be changed every 4 at least after 8 weeks, depending on the through out or rising quality


The machine is too loud, why?

1.       Cutlery fell into the machine

1.1.    If necessary, remove the cutlery parts that are located on the engine, springs and cover


2.       The transport lock has not been removed

2.1.    Remove the transport lock


3.       When the panel vibrates

3.1.    Check the screwing of the side cover and tighten it if necessary


4.       The machine is defective

4.1.    If all the measures don’t help, the machine is defective. Call the customer service


The machine doesn’t start, what to do?

Check the following causes:

1.       The lid is not closed

1.1.    Close the lid


2.       A broken fuse

2.1.    Check the fuse and replace the defective parts with qualified personnel


3.       The power plug is not plugged in

3.1.    Check whether the power plug is plugged in


4.       The machine is defective

4.1.    In all other cases call our customer service


The cutlery accumulates in the machine

1.       Either the machine has been overfilled

1.1.    At the beginning you can insert about 30-40 pieces of cutlery into the machine. Then you will always have a handful of cutlery and wait until the last inserted cutlery has been completely disappeared in the granules


2.       The granule was too wet and swollen

2.1.    If the granule is too wet once it swells up. The granule thus becomes about 20-30% larger. This means that the entire filling volume is about 20-30% larger. As a result, passages of the cutlery parts are also narrower. To avoid this, it’s urgent to observe the heat-up time and the post-drying phases.


The cutlery is unusually scratched, what to do?

1.       The cutlery falls too low

1.1.    Please note urgently that the cutlery basket, in which the cutlery falls, is located very close under the ejection slide


What to do, if the cutlery has stains (blue-black)?

The cutlery should undergo a thorough cleaning to remove protein- and starch residues


How long does it take for the machine to become operational?

About 20 minutes or according to the display


How much granule must be in the machine?

Depending of the type of the machine, the granules are filled in individual packs (Use only one filling)


How to change the granule?

1.       The easiest way to get out the granule is with a dry-wet vacuum cleaner

2.       Then clean the entire machine with the cleaning alcohol and enter a new filling


The machine turns off by itself

The reset button has been pressed. Simply turn the machine off and on again.


How do I reset the granule message?

Press the reset button for at least 10 sec. Switch off the machine and switch it on again


Why does the LED flash red?

This means the UVC-lamp is defective. Please replace it.


Help, all the light on the control are flashing and beeping!

Replace the battery of the device