Thomas Dörr

Company history

Max Dörr GmbH was established in Gemmingen near Heilbronn, Germany, in 1966. It specialises in manufacturing and selling unit load conveyor systems (for use in sectors such as the automotive, packaging and food industries).

As a result of a customer enquiry and subsequent market research, the company developed a cutlery wrapping machine. This machine was first presented as a production-ready product at HOGATEC, the Dusseldorf Hotel and Restaurant Technology Fair in 2000.

The enormous success of the cutlery winding machine led us to establish Thomas Dörr Besteck- und Küchensysteme as a subsidiary of Max Dörr in Sinsheim in 2001. Thomas Dörr also set new standards with the design and construction of a cutlery polishing machine. 2004 saw the launch of a space-saving tabletop model, the TD 3000 cutlery polishing machine, as an example of our constant use of innovative technologies and customer-oriented solutions.